"Cristiano Ronaldo loopt blauwtje bij Miss BumBum 2016"

Volgens The Sun wordt Cristiano Ronaldo ervan beschuldigd overspel te willen plegen met de Braziliaanse Erika Canela. Het model beweert de Portugees te hebben afgewezen.

Onlangs was 'CR7' in Portugal om het met het nationale elftal op te nemen tegen Hongarije. Volgens The Sun voelde Ronaldo zich blijkbaar eenzaam zonder zijn vriendin Georgina Rodriguez. De Portugees besloot dan maar de Braziliaanse Miss Bumbum 2016 eens te contacteren. Erika Canela was op dat moment in Portugal voor een tv-show. Het Braziliaanse model verklaarde aan The Sun dat Ronaldo haar via WhatsApp contacteerde en haar uitnodigde bij hem thuis. Een dag nadien spraken ze af, maar toen Canela was aangekomen bij de sterspeler van Madrid, zei Ronaldo dat hij maar een kwartier tijd had. De jonge deerne met het mooiste achterste van Brazilië voelde haar behandeld als een object. Ze zei dat ze een echte date wou en niet maar een kwartier wou stoeien met de Portugees.

Zelf een topvoetballer van formaat loopt soms wel eens een blauwtje blijkbaar. Hoe Ronaldo's vriendin hier op zal reageren laten we aan de verbeelding over.


Erika Canela, 20, told a Portuguese magazine that #cristianoronaldo messaged her after she left a reality TV show 4 days ago on Saturday 25 March - & ended up sending a car to pick her up from her Lisbon hotel after tempting her into a date. Here is the TRANSLATED original article: "He sent me a message four days ago, when I was still on the reality TV. [Nr: Saturday, 25] I went out at night, I arrived in a bar, I get Internet Wi-Fi, I called my mom, I noticed there was a message from Cristiano Ronaldo but I thought it must be some fake. I clicked on the photo, it said 'Hey', I noticed that there were 90 and a few million followers, it was a verified account and I couldn't believe it. I sent a heart to ask 'Hi, how are you?' Soon after, like an hour, he sent me a message with a video of me saying, 'Wow, all that?' I said yes, that it was me. " The conversation ended and, in the morning, Cristiano Ronaldo replied. "In the morning, he woke up and apologized because he had fallen asleep and proposed to meet at his home. I explain to him I have to take a flight and I will try to change flight. And he said he'd love to meet- I went to the airport, I was able to change the flight." According to Erika, the meeting was scheduled for 20:00 Sunday. A car was sent by the Real Madrid player, was waiting for her at her hotel's door, in the Saldanha area of ​​Lisbon. However, Erika ended up being about 20 minutes late. And CR didn't like that delay. Our journal was at the local and caught her while entering into the car which was driving to (Avenida da Libertade). The brazilian left the car and re-entered, and returned to her hotel. Erika explain what happened for TV7dias: "I was a little late. I couldn't have access to internet because my phone was having problems but after I could. In the car I talked with him and he became angry. He was a little rude, I didn't like it, he said he had little time because he had other commitment I say to him I'm not a woman for 15 minutes or half an hour and I left." She admits to have been hurt:" I would like to date him but he used me like an object. I was nervous and upset. I thought it was ridiculous. #rumor #ronaldo #cr7 #tabloid

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Ronaldo met zijn huidige vriendin Georgina Rodriguez. De twee zijn samen sinds juni.
kos Ronaldo met zijn huidige vriendin Georgina Rodriguez. De twee zijn samen sinds juni.