Student maakt outfit voor Harry Styles

Harry Styles in Amsterdam.
Twitter/helenepambrun Harry Styles in Amsterdam.
Life goals.

Student Harris Reed ontwerpt kleren in zijn studentenkamertje. Dat hij ooit met de hand een volledige outfit voor superster Harry Styles zou maken, had hij natuurlijk nooit verwacht. En toch is dat exact wat er gebeurd is.

De outfit die Harry Styles aanhad tijdens zijn optreden vorige week in Amsterdam, was dus ontworpen en gemaakt door een student. Geen Gucci of Yves Saint Laurent. 

Amsterdam, Live On Tour.

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Reed maakte een instagrampost over het hele gebeuren en beschreef daarin hoe surreëel de hele situatie is voor hem. 

I write this with tears streaming down my face. I am beyond honoured and humbled to say that my first ever client is the incredible, talented, and extremely supportive @harrystyles. Harry Styles wears head to toe custom Harris Reed. Last night, whilst performing on his world tour in Amsterdam, Mr. Styles wore a bespoke Italian cream three-tier ruffled blouse with bespoke black Venetian wool exaggerated flares with hidden cream Italian silk under flare.‬ As a young designer still in school studying my craft, I have no words for how incredibly grateful I am to have Harry’s unending support. To have worked together on this project was truly the most extraordinary back and forth collaboration I could have ever asked for. That being said, the one person I owe so much of myself to is the brilliant and outstanding @harry_lambert. From day one, Harry was the first person to ever pull one of my creations and, through this exciting journey, has been truly the kindest and most incredible man; guiding me and helping me...Harry, I can’t thank you enough. Lastly, I could not have done this collection without my wonderful and dedicated friends and helpers who spent sleepless night after sleepless night, right there with me, never stopping and always pushing me. I love you @molliemayboyd1 and @ignaciomnz and @louelena.b I don’t think anyone could truly understand the level of gratitude I have for every single person who has supported me. Every late night message on Instagram as I was lost, trying to send my pieces off, and saying “Harris, you got this.” This has pushed me and helped me accomplish what I love so much’s not just fashion, it’s not just art, it’s entirely who I am. For me, it was never just about the clothes, it was about the message. As someone who came out at nine as being gay, my life was filled with people putting me down and telling me I would never achieve my dreams. This is just the beginning. I still have so much more to do and to learn, but I want show every young kid who is being picked on for being different and knowing who he is, this: YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU SET YOUR MIND TO, THE ONLY THING STANDING IN YOUR WAY IS YOURSELF!

Een foto die is geplaatst door null (@harris_reed) op


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