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Carrie Dragshaw is onze nieuwe modeheld

After heading West for a week of work, I was home. To quote another blonde wanderer, L.A. is too hot-too sunny, too sandy, too supermodelly. San Francisco is too cold-all tech, no talk. And I don't trust a city where you can't tell the difference between a billionaire, hipster, or homeless person. All hoodie, no Fendi. All flannel, no Chanel. For this Goldilocks, New York is just right. I couldn't help but wonder: If my roots are so far away, why do I blossom in New York? I guess not all flowers grow in the sun. Some need the shade of skyscrapers, the ballet of crowded sidewalks, dollar slices in Dior, bodega cats and Birkin bags, MoMA with Monet, sunsets with Lady Liberty, the pleasure of 5th Avenue and the pain of Penn Station and most of all: the people-watching-because we might not have much nature, but we're overflowing with life. So L.A. can keep its sun and San Francisco can have its screens, because I need magic, and I only bloom in New York. #CarrieDragshaw
De laatste aflevering van Sex and the City dateert al van meer dan tien jaar geleden, maar de serie is nog lang niet uit ons geheugen gewist. Dat hebben we te danken aan de talloze heruitzendingen, maar ook aan mensen zoals Dan Clay.

Dan Clay heeft namelijk een alter ego: Carrie Dragshaw. Op halloween besloot hij zich te verkleden in zijn favoriete modegoeroe uit de HBO-reeks. Jawél, dé outfit met de tutu. En hij zag er nog geweldig uit ook.

Dragshaw postte een foto van zijn halloweenkostuum op Instagram, waar die al snel gedeeld werd door de fanpagina van Sex and the City én Sarah Jessica Parker herself. Een massale stijging in zijn aantal volgers was het resultaat, en dat smaakte duidelijk naar meer.

Sindsdien doet Dan zijn best om zo veel mogelijk outfits van La Bradshaw te imiteren en het resultaat online te posten, inclusief quotes uit de serie. En daar slaagt hij wat ons betreft grandioos in, maar oordeel vooral zelf.

Yesterday I did a guest post for the brilliant queens of @everyoutfitonsatc and I wanted to post it too because 1) it's my favorite scene in the show , 2) it's my favorite Carrie caption I've written so far, 3) I made that fu*king bag, and 4) most importantly people have been so nice I wanted to say thank you! You are making this little queen smile huge ❤CD❤ In New York, if you want to know how the other half lives, you head to the Plaza-the hotel where Chanel got tea, Gatsby got mad, Sinatra got applause...and Big got away. As he drove off with his perfectly simple fiancé, I started thinking about My Other Half. What happens to the girls who never find theirs? Was my heart a half-empty hotel, with a "Big Vacancy" sign on the revolving door? I couldn't help but wonder: Did some women need to tone down to settle down? Change their shape to find a match, change their soul to find a mate? Or could it be that life isn't about searching for someone who makes you complete-it's about realizing you already are. And maybe, just maybe, we're born with the love we're meant to find. And if the world says tone it down-turn it up. Because your true other half knows you're already whole. #CarrieDragshaw
It can be hard out there for a single girl, but there are a few words that provide instant comfort: "Vogue September Issue," "2-for-1 Cosmopolitans," "Manolo Blahnik Sample Sale," and "Perfect First Date Follow-Up." PFDFU. It's flirty and funny. Easy, breezy, and cool. He's clearly into it and you're like a pair of purple control top pantyhose: fun and holding it all together. It takes you right back to that perfect first date, when the conversation flowed effortlessly, the spark lit instantly, and the first kiss felt like fate. As you flirt on the phone, you float on a cloud that seems to sparkle from the inside, and for a moment you forget your baggage, you forget your past, you forget how many times you've felt this feeling before but it failed to last...and you smile. I couldn't help but wonder: Maybe love is like a mobile phone. When you have a good connection, you've just got to keep talking and hope for the best. #CarrieDragshaw
In old westerns, the cowboy always saves the damsel in distress. But what if the cowboy is the reason she's distressed in the first place? Who will save the damsel when her hero is her downfall? As I was face-to-face with yet another failure on the wild frontier of love, I couldn't help but wonder: Maybe this was the story of the damsel who learned to save herself. After all, this is not the Old West-this is New York. And there's plenty of giddy up left in my honky tonk. Maybe some girls aren't meant to ride into the sunset. Maybe they're meant to grab their other damsels and dance under the moonlight. #CarrieDragshaw
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